(NAC-AEP endorsed programmes; upto 50% tote-board funding)

Come onboard the "Gamelan Express", an imaginary train ride, on a non- stop gamelan journey from Singapore to Central Java, Sunda and Bali. Audience will get to hear a range of popular traditional gamelan songs that are used in procession, celebration, dance and wayang kulit. Join us on this magical, musical journey! Sit back, relax and enjoy!

ETHN!K M!X (AEP0315835)
Music has many “colours”, from various cultures and different types of instruments and sounds. This 30-45-minutes performance aims to highlight these colours into a tapestry, entitled “Colours of Music”, featuring a fusion of instruments, depending on composition, for example: suling (bamboo flute), kecapi (Sundanese hand- harp), different types of drums, electric guitar and others (e.g. shakers, maracas, etc) with a touch of jazzy, funky rhythms.

This programme is the brainchild of energetic world-ethnic-music artistes. It promises to get audience clapping and feet-stomping with these catchy rhythms. Our music is constantly evolving as the group finds new waves to show case their compositions.

We are able to customise performances to suit your event and venue. Here's a list of what corporate clients have requested:--

  • Traditional Javanese gamelan performance (ideal for stately, live background music)
  • Traditional Balinese gamelan performance (suitable for opening events / festivals)
  • Traditional Sundanese gamelan performances (ideal for weddings) 

Feel free to call us for advice / consultation.