Dedicated Youth & Community Efforts


Photographs at TRCC

As an ensemble-in-residence at The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC), GA has nurtured and groomed Republic Polytechnic's gamelan group, Gamelan Naga Kencana (meaning “Golden Dragon”). This youthful ensemble is particularly active in shaping their own development and initiating gamelan activities that target the neighbourhood schools in the NorthWest region, slowly spreading its reach to Central and the East.

Over the years, this team has been steadily gaining strength at The Republic Cultural Centre with alumni members returning to help the juniors. They have created and presented their own style of gamelan productions – “Kirana : Ray of Light” (2009), “When Java Meets Sunda” (2010), “Collage” (2011), “Chillax” (2012), “SAIH” (2013) and “ETHNIK:BEATS” (2015).

Under the TRCC umbrella of interest groups, since 2007, GA has been attracting members from the Woodlands & North-West community too. Our community group (a.ka. Gamelan Sabtu) comprises of alumni, from RP & various secondary schools, gamelan enthusiasts living in the neighbourhood (like Yishun, Woodlands, Marsiling, etc), as well as international community (e.g. members from Singapore American School). They come from all walks of life, from 5 to 75 years old. In the process, this is Gamelan Asmaradana’s  contribution towards Singapore’s community intiatives of “Active Aging” for senior citizens and bridging inter-generational gaps. All are welcome to participate in this group!

Artistic Directors :         Amran Ahmad Sowyan & MeiYin Chan

Assisted by :                 Gamelan Alumni members from various schools

                                      Farzianah (Alumni of Evergreen Secondary School)

                                      Rosmainy Bte Buang (Alumni of RP)

                                      Siti Zulaiha Bte Jalani (Alumni of RP)

                                      Ahmad Mustaqim Bin Muhamad Abdul Halim (Alumni of RP)