Contemporary – Fusion gamelan music

Photo from International Gamelan Caklempong Festival 2015, KL, Malaysia.

Our gamelan – fusion group “Dwi Warna” aims to give a new perspective to what the ancient gamelan can do. The idea of mixing gamelan instruments with various instruments like violin, guitar, er-hu, guzheng, angklungs to create new music, began in 2007. We gave an inaugural performance, entitled “Gamma:rays” at the Pesta Raya Festival 2007, Recital Studio, Esplanade. This concept has since developed an exciting repertoire, which combines the exotic sounds of the gamelan with jazz, pop and rock elements, guaranteed to get the audience moving to the pulsating, hypnotic rhythms. The group had been invited to perform for school assembly programmes and public performances. In July 2008, the group was invited to showcase their original compositions at the 13th Yogjakarta Gamelan Festival. In April 2009, the group showcased their new compositions at the F.Y.I 2009 series, Recital Studio, Esplanade, as well as at the ACE! Festival 2009, Alliance Francaise Theatre. The show was presented for F.Y.I 2011 & 2013; and in 2012, and at the opening of the Shanghai Glass Museum, China.  This fusion programme is constantly evolving, as members experiment with musical ideas, learn other instruments, meet and mix with other musicians. This is our platform for generating and developing a Singaporean identity in gamelan music.

In Sept 2015, our new fusion programme, consisting of Sundanese Gamelan, violin, saxophone, guitar and various percussive instruments, were showcased at the “International Gamelan & Caklempong Festival” at KL, Malaysia. In Dec 2016, this ecclectic group presented “Dwi Warna” at Esplanade’s Celebrate December series, featuring a mix of Sundanese gamelan with keyboard, bass guitar, electric guitar, saxophone, brazilian drums and a range of percussive instruments.