Traditional & Contemporary Sundanese gamelan

Photo from WIRAMA SUNDA (2014)

In 2007, GA had the privilege of meeting Sundanese gamelan teacher, Mr Tatang Sofyan.  Enchanted by the lovely music of Sunda, the melodious ensemble, Degung Singalagena was formed. This ensemble gave its debut performance at Nanyang Girls' High Schools' event held Downtown East in 2008. Since then, Degung Singalagena was presented at various corporate functions and weddings. On Sunday, 23 August 2009, the ensemble presented a few classical and folk songs as part of an Gamelan Outreach programme at the Jurong Regional Library. The ensemble was invited to perform at the “Re-Opening Festival” for the Malay Heritage Centre on 1 September 2012.

Over the years, GA has attracted several talented dancers from the Malay-Archipelago. Whilst these individuals work hard in the day, they become graceful dancers in the evenings at rehearsals with GA. In May 2014, the ensemble presented its first ticketed Sundanese show, entitled “Wirahma Sunda” at the Black Box, Malay Heritage Centre, with guest artistes from Bandung, Indonesia. In August 2014, the ensemble was invited to perform at Espanande’s outdoor theatre, On the Waterfront. 

GA’s Degung Singalagena, has graced many Malay weddings, from community centres to ballrooms; from gardens to beaches. We are happy to entertain your family, relatives and guests.